Biggest. Hypocrite. Ever.

I used to think that I hated cell phones. Seriously. Like guns, I often saw that there were pretty much only good in cases of an emergency (or hunting?). I dunno.

But I’ve been thinking, maybe cell phones really are like guns. It’s the idiots who use them liberally that should be locked up in jail for being douchebags. Everytime I see some schmuck walking down the street with a cell phone glued to their head, I sort of want to slap them across their self-important face and explain to them how cool they don’t look. Even worse, anyone talking on a cell phone while driving should be shot on sight to prevent them from killing someone else.

Since cell phones don’t kill people, I not going to say they need to be regulated (although talking on a cell phone while driving should be outlawed). And since my new living quarters comes sans long distance, san bitchin’ phone features I can’t live without (call waiting, caller ID, etc.), and for some reason only dials by pulse, which makes dealing with automated operators a pain in the ass, I decided to do the hypocritical thing and purchase a mobile phone.

Today it came in the mail. Boxed in a bright Cingular box. The model: An LG L1200 Camera phone. I’ve been tinkering with my first cell phone like a little boy with his first new… uh… cell phone. Whatever. It’s time to take meaningless pictures of graffitti while talking to my ladyfriend while driving. Drunk.

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