Fast Food Nation

Today I saw a movie that I believe everyone needs to see: Super Size Me. It was only playing in one theater around here. In fact, the Cedar Lee Theater is almost an hour away in Cleveland.

I think two of the most anti-American industries in existence today are the tobacco industry and the food service industry… particularly the fast food service industry. Watching this movie reinforced many values I already had. More importantly however, it expanded on these values as well. I even walked out with a renewed determintation to stop eating at non-chain facilities.

Granted, the movie came from a somewhat biased viewpoint. The man comes from a lifestyle that doesn’t remotely resemble the lifestyle of an average American. He is extremely heathly and used to healthy meals. I’d be willing to bet the average American’s diet is more accustomed to “fast food.”

It doesn’t matter though: the facts speak for themselves. Personally, I would be fine with never eating fast food again. The man spends a month eating nothing but the product of my employer when I was in high school. I’m ashamed to admit I used to peddle this filth.

The movie was prompty followed by a cookout. Fresh, grilled out, minimally processed hamburger with a 6 pack. A good day over all. I even got a callback for a job.

Update (06/03/04): I have done a little research on criticisms of the film. The main arguement being brought against this film consist of: ‘if you consume 5000 calories a day and tons of sugar, with minimal excerise, what do you expect?’

I believe it was brought to attention in the beginning of the film that those in which the lawsuits were brought against need to prove that they can provide three meals a day without adverse health effects. Like I said, the facts speak for themselves. If you consumed McDonalds for three meals a day under the influence of the average Americans’ daily exercise: you will become sick!

I believe this film advocated both personal responsiblity and corporate responsibility. It is ridiculous to become dependent on fast food as a source of nutrition. No kidding. But some people do anyways and that’s ignorant.

At the same time, this film clearly shows that the corporations need to practice responsibility as well. Although they are not completely at fault, they should stop acting as if they are perfect and fess up to their own greed and corruption.

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