I’ve felt a little extra kick of productivity today. A few more resumes have been sent out as the job hunt continues. I have yet to hear from an interview I had last Friday, so tomorrow I suppose I will follow up on that.

On the other hand, I already have an interview next Tuesday for a resume I sent out today. Talk about response time. Although it is technically a part time internship – the pay and hours reflect that – they don’t need a very long term commitment, so I should be able to tough it out if they want me.

Progress is being made on the website, slowly but surely. I’m very happy with the result so far. The problem I had earlier with the transparent entry background has been solved as far as making it accessible for Windows Internet Explorer users. It seemed I just needed to save the file under a different PNG format. It’s always the solution that is right under your nose.

On a related note, I just found out about a petition to coax Microsoft into following up on its four year old promise to offer native support for PNG for Internet Explorer. If they ever do, this website will look just as attractive as it does on any other browser (such as what I use: Mozilla Firefox). I’m feeling left out, I was the 15,556th person to sign it.

My body is still reeling a bit from getting sick last Sunday. Stupid jello shots. I never really liked them anyway.

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