Yes, I watched what I could of the RNC. I missed Monday night, but I saw the rest. It was predictable:

Bring out as many Republicans that don’t really represent your party to talk about terrorism.
Talk about nothing except terrorism and 9/11.
Ignore any and all domestic issues.
Lie about how great the economy is doing.
Call the millions who have lost their jobs, sank into poverty, or lost health insurance “girly-men.”
Don’t mention a thing about Osama bin forgotton.
9/11. 9/11. 9/11.
Call Kerry a flip flopper. Ignore every single time a Republican has flip flopped.
Insult anyone who has recieved a wound during wartime with purple heart bandaids.
Bring out Palpatine and Vader.
Call Kerry a tax and spend liberal. Then promise a bunch of new programs that will cost trillions. Keep taxes nice and low so we can’t pay for them.
Run for president, not re-election.
It was quite pathetic really. Bush had nothing to say about his previous 4 years of disaster. He keeps insisting that his war in Iraq, based on false pretenses that over 1,000 American soldiers have died in, was justified and that we are safer (even though terrorism has actually increased since the Iraq war and he has created a new generation of bin Ladens).

And for what? He’s cost us millions of jobs and over a thousand lives. He ignored warnings of 9/11 and proudly proclaims that we have climbed the hill.

And what do we see in the valley below? More dead soldiers. The rich get richer and the poor getting poorer. The middle class supporting all his new programs. An ever increasing deficit. The religious right taking over America.

At least Hope is on the way. And he’ll be in Akron tomorrow.

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