Wireless vs. A/C

I am sitting in my old school’s library because they still offer me free internet service (and in certain spots, such as my current position, wireless access).

This sure beats being at home going through a modem. I’ll take the 11mbps over 28.8 kbps anyday. And please, stop laughing.

However, if I were at home I would have the comfort of air conditioning. Such a dilemma.

In other news, the new redesign is pretty much finished. It seems there is an endless number of tweaks which are not necessary but still annoy me enough to be changed. Primarily, I still haven’t touched the archives page, and there is a little bit of CSS I am having a problem with concerning images.

For instance, for the life of me, I can’t get linked images to not have a border. A solution that was once so simple now escapes me. This is the code I had in my CSS:

img a:link {
border: 0px;

Also, for any non-Internet Explorer browser, I have a transparent gray background for the entries. In Internet Explorer, there is no background for the entries at all – only the black border. Although it is still pretty readable, I would like to give IE users an opaque gray background, but haven’t figured out how to do this yet. In time, my friends.

Otherwise, I just want to work on the content. Most of the static pages have content on them, but just stuff I haven’t yet taken the time to really work on. Just crappy filler so far.

Let me sweep a little bit of dust under the rug, and everything should be fine. At least mostly everything is validating now, although there is a little bit of dirty code that needs fixed.

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